Screening for developmental dysplasia of the Hip in Tripoli

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Mohamed Rashed*, Ali S Zawawi**, Mustafa Murmish***, Mohamed Rahouma****, Nadia Belkher*****,

-Orthop.Dept.Khadra Hospital*.-Gyn.&Obst.Dept.Khadra**.-Gyn&Obst Dept. TMC Tripoli***.Tripoli-Libya.
-Gyn.&Obst.Dept.Khadra Hospital**
-Gyn&Obst Dept. TMC Tripoli-Libya***

JMJ Vol.5 No. 1 (Spring) 2006: 62-63


Clinical screening for DDH was instituted in many European countries after 1962. Screening programs relying primarily on physical examination techniques for early detection and treatment of DDH have not been as consistently successful as expected. The incidence of DDH in unscreened population is estimated to be one per 1,000 children of European origin, and more common in communities that practice swaddling. The abnormality is rare in black Africans. Our study was performed in both TMC and Khadra Hospitals, over the period of 12 months from July1st. 2002. More than 12,300 births were involved, 54% of them were males. Ortolani & Barlow tests were used for clinical assessment. Those who were positive or suspicious or with risk factors they were sent for further US examination. Out of 142 cases only 11 were true DDH. Two males and 9 females. Conclusion; the incidence of DDH in Tripoli area is estimated to be 8.9 per 10,000.selective Ultra- Sound for all infants with risk factors and those with clinical abnormality of the hip is an adjuvant tool which aids early diagnosis.

Keywords: Hip dislocation, Screening of DDH, Incidence of DDH