Segmental portal hypertension due to a splenic Echinococcus cyst.

Case report


El Fortia M, Bendaoud M, Taema S, Bahei El Din I, Ben Musa A, Shaban A, Frandah M, Abozedi G, Alzwae KH.

Department of Radiology, Misurata Teaching Hospital, P.O. Box 17742, Misurata, Libya.

Eur J Ultrasound. 2000 Mar;11(1):21-3.


A 60-year-old Libyan woman developed perihilar splenic varices without other signs of portal hypertension. Plain abdominal X-ray examination showed two calcified structures in the left and right hypochondria. Ultrasound examination disclosed a 3-cm diameter, globally calcified hydatid cyst lodged in a critical location at the hilar region of the spleen. The cyst was compressing the hilar vessels which resulted in dilatation and varix formation. Another hydatid cyst measuring 5 cm in diameter, with extensive wall calcification was visualized in the right lobe of the liver. The splenic size was within normal limits. The liver revealed normal texture and size and the portal vein was of normal caliber. The patient underwent an uneventful splenectomy and was well at discharge.

Keywords: Varices; Ultrasound; Plain X-ray; Hydatid cyst