Sheehan’s syndrome and Cardiovascular risk factors

Original article


Aisha Lazreg¹ and Salah Arafa²

1-Endocrine department. 2-Cardiology department, TMC, Faculty of Medicine, Elfateh University. Tripoli-Libya

JMJ Vol. 5, No 2 (Summer) 2006: 133-137


Hypopituitary patients receiving conventional hormone substitution, but without growth hormone replacement documented before to have an increased mortality from cardiovascular disease , in our study we assessed cardiovascular morbidity and the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in 20 patients with Sheehan’s syndrome for 16 ± 6years receiving conventional replacement therapy compared with 22 control females matched for age, smoking habits , body mass index, anthropometric measurements, 3hr OGTT, fasting insulin level, plasma lipids, lipoproteins, cardiac structure and systolic function were assessed . Obesity was common in Sheehan’s syndrome patients ( BMI 30±7 kg / m2) ,Sheehan’s syndrome patients had an increase in upper body adiposity measured by the sum of subscabular and triceps skin thickness (p = 0.001 ), waist circumference was higher ( p = 0.002 ), WHR was higher ( p = 0.01 ) in patients as compared with matched Controls, non obese Sheehan’s syndrome patients have an abnormal body composition, the sum of subscabular and triceps skin fold thickness was higher ( p =0.005 ) , WHR was higher ( p = 0.007 ) as compared with matched controls, fasting blood glucose was lower ( p = 0.02 ), fasting insulin was higher ( p =0.04 ) , fasting insulin-glucose ratio was higher (p=0.001), serum total cholesterol was higher (p=0.001), low density lipoprotein was higher(p=0.04), triglycerides was higher (p=0.01), high density lipoprotein cholesterol was nonsignificantly reduced in Sheehan’s syndrome patients , no significant deference was found between patients and controls in the echocardiographic measurements of cardiac structure and systolic function, it is important to establish adequate surveillance for cardiovascular disease and risk factors in Sheehan’s syndrome patients, and the need for sex hormone and GH replacement.

Keywords: Sheehan’s syndrome, Cardiovascular risk factors, Anthropometric measurements, Growth hormone, Sex hormone