Spectrophotometric Determination of Nefidipine in Pharmaceutical Preparations by Coupling Reactions

Original article


Salma Elghadafi, Elaraoud Khalifa, Amal A. Aboolla, Asma El Swayah

Sebha Univ. J. Med. Sci. 2002, Vol. 3(1):44-49


A sensitive spectrophotometric procedure was described for the determination of Nifedipine. The procedure is based on reduction of the nitro group yielding free primary aromatic amine which could be diazotised and coupled to give red azo-dye with λ max at 510 nm and a violet with λ max at 555 nm with Bratton marschal and B- naphthol, respectively.
The procedure was applied for determination of Nifedipine and Coracetene capsules with mean accuracies 100.9, 100.39 and 99.95, 100.5 respectively.
The accuracy and precision of the suggested procedure were compared with the official method (B.P 1993) and the results obtained showed no significant difference between the two methods. Moreover the suggested method was more accurate, sensitive and precise compared to the official titrimetric wocedure.

Keywords: Nifedipine. Bratton Marschal, B-naphthol, Diazocoupling.