Suicide and Parasuicide in Sirt, Libya

Original article


Abdulgader A. El Amari¹, Majid Hamid Jasim¹ and Somia Ahmed Mohammud²

1-Faculty of Medicine, Al Tahady University, 2-Department of Medicine, Ibn Sina Hospital, Sirt, Libya

JMJ 2007,Vol.7, No.4:264-266


Suicide and parasuicide are known problems in many societies since early ages. This study was designed to outline the problems of suicide and parasuicide in Sirt Libya. 11 cases of suicide and 41 cases of parasuicide were studied for different variants. Information was taken from forensic medicine office and case files of patients admitted in Ibn Sina Hospital, Sirt for attempting suicide. Most of the cases were young, single, males and living in urban areas and this was applied both to suicide and parasuicide. Most of the cases of suicide and parasuicide were occurring in spring and early summer. Violent methods were used mostly by males who committed suicide. Although there was lack of psychiatric services for many cases (61%), depression was the most common diagnosis in parasuicidal patients.

Keywords: Suicide, Committed, Attempted, Seasonal variation, Parasuicide, Methods