Surgery For Infective Endocarditis Libyan Experience

Original article


Hasan A. Maghur ¹,Jumma A. Madi ², Salah S. Abuzaghar ³

1-Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Tripoli Medical Centre,Tripoli. 2-Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Al Fatah University.Tripoli 3-Department of Surgery, Omar Askar Hospital , Essbea, Libya

JMJ 2007,Vol.7, No.4:267-270


Through the period 1992-2000, a total of 891 cardiac operations were performed (546 open heart and 345 closed heart).Out of these, 33 patients were diagnosed as having infective endocarditis. There were 12 native valve endocarditis, 6 prosthetic valve endocarditis, 7 congenital heart disease endocarditis and 8 prosthetic graft endocarditis. Twenty eight out of 33 patients underwent surgery, 19 (74%) survived, the other 5 died before surgery making the overall survival 19/33 (57%). This retrospective paper analyses the different types of endocarditis and discusses mechanisms to improve prognosis of this dangerous disease.

Keywords: Infective Endocarditis, Surgery, Libya