Survival of Breast Cancer Patients in Tripoli


Manal El-Habbash1, Abukris Alwindi 2

1-Department of Oncology, Tripoli Medical Centre 2-Department of Medicine , Al-Fateh University. Tripoli, Libya

JMJ 2009,Vol.9, No.2: 144-147


Objectives: To study the survival of breast cancer over a six year period. To compare this cohort’s survival to a previous cohort presented in 2003. To relate recurrence rate and survival to risk factors such as menopausal status, lymph node involvement, and oestrogen and progesterone status. Materials and Methods: A non randomized retrospective study in patients with breast cancer confirmed by biopsy from the Oncology Department at Tripoli Medical Centre. Five hundred and fifty two patients were included in this study in the period between January 2000, and December 2005. Results: The age ranged between 20-70 years with a mean of 45.1years, 1.8% were male, 56% were premenopausal women. The commonest stage was stage II (43.3 %%) and stage I, III, and IV were (9.6%, 33.5%, 10.5% respectively.60% had lymph node involvement. Most patients were treated by mastectomy and axillary clearance (76%). 65% had known oestrogen and progesterone receptor status, 53.8% were oestrogen and progesterone positive and 46.2% were negative. 70% received chemotherapy as CAF. 28.6% had recurrence; most common site of recurrence was visceral metastases alone in 36%, 31.6% isolated bone metastases, and local recurrence in 17%. Overall recurrence rate at 1st, 2nd and 5th years was 14.8%, 25.4% and 38.4% respectively. Overall survival rate at 1st, 2nd and 5th years was 95%, 87.4%and 78.6% respectively. Overall recurrence and survival rate at 1st, 2nd and 5th years was better in node negative patients (p=0.001). Overall recurrence and survival rate was better at 1st, 2nd and 5th years in oestrogen positive patients than in oestrogen negative patients. Conclusion: marked improvement in survival had occurred compared to the previous cohort. this probably reflects better staging, more availability of oestrogen and progesterone receptors, more use of radiotherapy and anthracyclines.

Keywords: Cancer, Breast, Survival, Tripoli