Survival of breast cancer patients treated in Tripoli/Libya 1990-1999

Original article


Manal El-Habbash, Abukris Alwindi, Khalil El-Habbash

Oncology department -Tripoli Medical Centre, Department of Medicine -Elfateh University. Tripoli-libya

JMJ Vol.5 No. 1 (Spring) 2006: 42-46


Tamoxifen, DFS (Disease free survival), Recurrence rate, Survival rate, Breast cancer, CAF (Cyclophosphamide, Doxorubicin& Fluorouracil), CMF(Cyclophosphamide, Methotrexate & Fluorouracil)

Keywords: Study objective: To study survival of breast cancer patients in Tripoli over the past 10 years, and to assess the effect of Tamoxifen in patients with unknown receptor status followed up in Tripoli over the past 10 years. Design: Non-randomized retrospective study in patients with breast cancer confirmed by biopsy. Setting: Oncology clinic in central hospital and Tripoli medical centre. Patients: Seven hundred sixty four patients were included in this study in the period between January 1990, and December 1999. Results: The age ranged between 20-70 years (mean =45.8+12.6 S.D), median=45.7years. The commonest stage, was stage III (39.9%) and stage II, IV, and I were (32.2%, 9.1% 8.4%) respectivly. Most patients were treated by mastectomy (84.7%). Chemotherapy alone or chemotherapy with Radiotherapy was given as adjuvent treatment. Tamoxifen was given to all patients’ regardless of receptor status. Regarding overall recurrence and survival rate, 5 years survival rate of patients diagnosed between 1990-1999 was 45.6%, and the overall recurrence rate was 63%. The response to therapy was assessed by recurrence rate and survival rate at 1, 2, and 5 years in node positive, and node negative disease. Response to Tamoxifen was better in node negative postmenopausal women compared with node negative premenopausal women, where the overall 5 years recurrence rate were 21.4% versus 39.7% p< 0.05, and overall 5 years survival rate were 74% versus 68.3%.There were no signficant differences in node positive premenopausal women and postmenopausal women, where overall 5 years recurrence rate were 62 % versus 61% p > 0.05, and overall 5 years survival rate were 41% versus 41%. In those patients received chemotherapy with Tamoxifen, response was better in those receiving C.A.F than those receiving C.M.F. p=0.05.