Ten-year incidence (1981-90) of insulin-dependent diabetes in the 0-29-year-old age group in Benghazi, Libya.

Original article


Kadiki OA, Moawad SE.

Benghazi Diabetic Clinic, Libya.

Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 1994 Dec 31;26(3):223-8.


The incidence of Type 1 diabetes in Benghazi, Libya in the < 30-years age group was prospectively studied during the period 1981-1990. A total of 161 male and 150 female new cases were diagnosed during the study period. Case ascertainment was estimated to be 100%. The overall incidence rate (per 100,000) was 8.8 (95% C.I., 7.8-9.9). Rates were 8.9 (95% C.I., 7.6-10.4 among males and 8.6 (95% C.I., 7.3-10.1) among females). A female predominance in the 0-14-years age range and a male predominance in the 15-29-years age range were observed (P > 0.05). The age-specific incidence rate increased steadily from 2.2 (95% C.I., 1.4-3.4) in the 0-4-years age group to 16.9 (95% C.I., 13.6-21.0) in the 15-19-years age group and declined afterwards. Age adjusted incidence rates in the 0-14- and 15-29-years age ranges were 7.0 (95% C.I., 6.0-8.2) and 11.9 (95% C.I., 10.0-14.0), respectively. Yearly variation and seasonality of onset were not significant. The study revealed a relatively high incidence rate of Type 1 diabetes among Libyan Arabs aged less than 30 years.

Keywords: Type 1 diabetes; Incidence; Libya

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