The effect of gossypol on serum lipoproteins of adult rats.

Original article


Obeidy A, Fities IA, Sheriff DS.

Department of Zoology, Garyovnis University, Benghazi, Libya.

Horm Metab Res. 1989 Dec;21(12):649-51.


It has been shown that gossypol treatment brings about marked changes in plasma lipoproteins of certain species causing a marked fall in total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels. Using Helena electrophoretic system the lipoprotein pattern in serum of adult rats treated with gossypol was studied. Gossypol treatment for 1 day and 7 days continuously did bring about changes in serum lipoprotein profile. A marked increase in VLDL-cholesterol and fall in LDL-cholesterol was observed in rats treated with gossypol which was more pronounced in the 7 days treated group. It did not bring about any marked change in total cholesterol level. It did cause an increase in serum triglyceride level. Heparin injection which brought about a fall in VLDL-cholesterol with a concomitant increase in HDL-cholesterol in control rats did not elicit changes in gossypol-treated rats. Thus, gossypol treatment appears to alter serum lipoprotein metabolism in rats also.

Keywords: The effect of gossypol on serum lipoproteins of adult rats.