The effect of nasal surgery on snoring.

Original article


Elsherif I, Hussein SN.

Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Al-Arab Medical University, Benghazi, Libya.

Am J Rhinol. 1998 Mar-Apr;12(2):77-9.


Patients with nasal obstruction often have associated snoring. It is uncertain whether surgery, which relieves the nasal obstruction, will also relieve the snoring. We have reviewed 96 patients who complain of both nasal obstruction and snoring and who underwent nasal surgery. Snoring was completely relieved in 48 patients (50%), was less loud in a further 38 patients (40%), unchanged in 8 patients, and louder in 2. Patients who had nasal polypectomy as part of their nasal surgery obtained the greatest snoring relief. The relationship between nasal obstruction and snoring is complex and the alteration of airflow patterns after nasal surgery is postulated to be important in influencing snoring relief. This study suggests that, when snoring and nasal obstruction coexist, nasal surgery should be considered as the first line of surgical treatment.

Keywords: Snoring,Nasal Polyps,Nasal Obstruction