The first case report of oral bullous mastocytosis

Case report


Mohamed A Elkabir*, M Bengazil**, Rabia M Markus***

*Oral Surgery department, **Department of Dermatology, ***Department of Histopathology. Tripoli Medical Centre, Tripoli – Libya

JMJ Vol. 4, No. 1 (Summer 2005): 72-74


Bullous mastocytosis (BM) is a very rare variant of cutaneous mastocytosis (CM) . The condition is characterized by a diffuse infiltration of the skin by mast cells manifesting as yellowish, thickened doughy skin with appearance of large blisters. Mucosal form of mastocytosis has not been reported in the literature, the authors present a case of mucosal mastocytosis affecting the cheek mucosa.

Keywords: Oral ulcers , Bullous lesions , Mastocytosis