The Infants of Diabetic Mothers

Original article


A. W. Nasuf, M. M. Belazi, M. A. Zlitni, Z. S. Barkan, M. A Dekna

Tripoli Children Hospital

JMJ Vol.3 No.1 (March) 2004: 25-27


Objective: To analyze the morbidity and mortality of infant of diabetic mothers in Algala maternity hospital.
Methods: Review of files of newborns admitted to the nursery at the Maternity Hospital .Tripoli- Libya over a period of 3 years from 1st of January 1998 to 31st of December 2000 Results: Over the study period two hundred and sixty three (263) infants of diabetic mothers were admitted to our unit. 222 (84.4 %) were full term, 39 (14.8%) babies were premature and only 1 baby (0.4%) was post-mature. The mode of delivery was: Caesarean section (CS) in 172 babies (68.4%), normal vaginal delivery (NVD) in 89 babies (33.8%) and 2 (0.8%) by instrumental delivery. The average birth weight was 3.72 Kg (range 0.830-5.800 Kg). 5l (19.3.) were born with congenital anomalies and 80 babies had signs of respiratory distress. Birth injuries were reported in 17 babies (6.4%). Hypoglycaemia occurred in 220 babies (83.7%), jaundice in 89(33.8%), hypocalcaemia in 20 (7.6%) and septicaemia in 43(16.3%). (Table.2). 224bahies (85.2%) were discharged to their mothers while 28(10.6%) were transferred to special care baby unit and 9babies (3.4%) died. Conclusion: It was concluded that, our group of study showed a high incidence of neonatal complications, which might be related to late enrolment of the diabetic mothers and irregular antenatal care. Recommendations: Planned pregnancy, early enrolment and regular antenatal care are recommended to decrease the mortality and morbidity of infant of diabetic mothers. Newborn of diabetic mothers need a special neonatal care. Long-term studies are highly recommended to detect risk factors and long lasting consequences of maternal diabetes on the developing infant.

Keywords: diabetic mother, infants