The Inflammatory Responses to H. Pylori in Relation to ABO Blood Groups and Disease

Original article


A. Alkout 1, A. Issa 1, C. Blackwell 2, D. Weir 2

1. Medical School,University of Alfath, Tripoli- Libya,
2. Medical School, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

JMJ Vol.3 No.2 (September) 2004: 52-55


Epidemiological studies indicated that individuals of blood group O are over represented among patients with peptic ulcers, among those with gastric carcinoma there are significantly more of blood group A [summarised by Mourant et al., 1978]. These finding indicate factors other than presence of the bacteria, perhaps the host immune or inflammatory responses contributes to development of disease associated with H. pylori infection. Release of IL-6, TNF and NO2 from human leukocytes of blood group O and group A was measured after incubation in vitro with outer membrane protein, purified adhesion and whole cell bacteria. Leukocytes from blood group O released significantly high level of IL-6, TNF and NO2 compared with leukocytes from blood group A this observation might contribute to increased susceptibility to peptic ulcer.

Keywords: H. Pylori, ABO, Blood Groups