The mitigation of pain with Propofol administration: comparison of different technique

Original article


Samira Sowan (Supervised by Ivan Panovich)

Department of Anesthesia, Al-Khadra Hospital, Tripoli

JMJ Vol. 1, No. 1 (June 2001): 42-45


Propofol is frequently associated with pain on injection. Different techniques have been reported to alleviate the pain associated with Propofol administration. This prospective randomized study involving 90 patients was designed to assess the effectiveness of pre-administration of lidocaine and a pre-mixture of Propofol with lidocaine in pain mitigation. The patients were allocated in to three groups: A (n=30) prpofol with preadminestration of 20 mg lidocain, group B(n=30) administration of propfol premixed with lidocaine and group C (n=30), the control group, preadministration of normal saline before propofol. The results of the study showed that the incidence of propofol-associated pain was minimal (p<0.05) in the group of patients receiving propofol premixed with lidocaine. Keywords: propofol, lidocaine, complications, pain, anaesthetic Link/DOI: