The mortality rate in PICU at Tripoli Children Hospital Tripoli –Libya

Original article


H. Belazi, K. Shalabi, Y.Gassar, M. Bizenti

Tripoli Children Hospital

JMJ Vol.3 No.2 (September) 2004: 56-57


Objectives: To determine the incidence of mortality rate and the causes of death in Paediatric PIC. Method and Patients: We have reviewed retrospectively the medical files of PICU patients over the period from 01/ 01/ 01 – 31/ 12/ 2001 at Tripoli Children Hospital. Results: Total hospital admissions 3643 and PICU admissions were 276, which contribute to total (7% at Children Hospital Admissions). The total numbers of deaths in PICU were 45 patients, which was 16.3%. The age ranged from 1 month – 16 years. The males were 25 patients and 20 were females. 30 patients were infants (66.6%) and 15 patients over a year old (33.3%). Causes of Deaths: Congenital Heart Disease and Infection (38%). Central Nervous System, Neuromuscular disease and infection 20%. Chronic Renal Failure 20%. Others (22%). We compared our results with developed and other local hospitals. Conclusion: Our result is in between the developed and developing countries but are higher than in one of the national hospital in (Al Khadra). The commonest cause of death was due to Congenital Heart Disease, which contributed to 38% of deaths.

Keywords: mortality rate, paediatric intensive care