The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit: An experience from non-tertiary care unit at Alkhadra hospital

Original article


H. Esahli, M. Elshibani, L. Elnajar, S. Elhamadi

Alkhadra Hospital, Tripoli, Libya

JMJ Vol. 2, No. 3 (March 2003): 23-26


An analysis of the number of admission and mortality rates according to diagnosis is carried out in the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) of Al-khadra hospital in the first year of its establishment. From June 2000 to May 2001, two hundred and sixty three (263) cases were admitted to PICU; 127 neonates, and 136 were one month to 15 years of age (children). The most common clinical cause of admission were respiratory disorders (33%) followed by infections (22%). Only one case of neonatal tetanus was recorded on admission and five cases of pertussis. No other childhood common vaccine preventable infections were admitted nor HIV related syndromes. Twenty seven (27) deaths (12 neonates and 15 children) occurred during the study periods accounting for 10% of total admission. The main cause of deaths among infection disorders was neonatal septicaemia, with mortality rate of 26% followed by congenital anomalies. In children, liver and metabolic disorders accounting for 43% and 30% respectively. Although, the overall mortality rate in this study remain low, may be as a result of admitted cases illness being less severe, more appropriate admission criteria for PICU are necessary.

Keywords: PICU, neonates, non-tertiary care, septicaemia, congenital anomalies.