The selectron LDR/MDR remote after loading Brachytherapy system; A quality assurance

Original article


Siddick Mohamed Abugrain, Abdulrahman Hegaji, K Krishna Murthy

Medical Physics Section, Dept. of Radiotherapy, Tripoli Medical Centre.

JMJ Vol.6 No.1 (Autumn) 2006: 50-54


Comprehensive quality assurance (QA) programme of a machine is essential and an important aspect for the performance evaluation and acceptance of the unit. An extensive QA programme is formulated to carryout various tests on the unit and ensure the quality treatment to the patients. This report gives brief description about the Selectron LDR/MDR remote after loading the system and methods of various tests carried out, such as, calibration of sources, radiation protection survey, functional tests, auto radiograph tests and emergency interlock systems etc. Measured data was fed into the brachytherapy software loaded in the 3D-Treatment Planning System. A standard treatment was planned on the software and its various functions are verified. The output parameters of computer data are compared with the manual calculations and the results of the study are discussed.

Keywords: Quality assurance, Brachytherapy, Selectron LDR/MDR