The study of ER (Oestrogen Receptor), PR (Progesterone Receptor) and HER-2/neu Status in Patients with Breast Cancer

Short Communication


Mohd Shafi Moona, Ramah Al-Rameh Alarabi, Arshad Hussain, Mahmood Ahmad, Itrat Mehdi

Department of Medical Oncology, African Oncology Institute Sabratha, Libya

JMJ 2010, Vol.10, No.2:141-143


Introduction: Breast cancer is a major health issue in Oncology practice in Libya, and is the most frequent female cancer in all age groups in Libya as it is globally. The optimal management of breast cancer cannot be accomplished without the determination of ER, PR, and HER2. These receptor/ determinations have diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic implications. Aim of the Study: The aim of this study was to determine and analyze retrospectively the hormone receptors ER and PR status, and HER2 status in patients with breast cancer treated at the African Oncology Institute, Sabratha, Libya between January 2008 to December 2008 (12 months). The receptor positivity was further analysed with respect to clinical stage at presentation. Patients and methods: This was a hospital based retrospective study of patients with breast cancer enrolled at the African Oncology Institute, Sabratha, Libya from January 2008 to December 2008 (8 months). The data of these patients was retrieved from their original files where the reports of ER, PR were available by immunocytochemistry. The HER2 results were seen as conclusive by immunocytochemistry or supplemented by FISH, wherever indicated. The results were tabulated, analysed, and presented as tables or in descriptive form. Results: A total of 100 cases with complete data were retrieved. The majority were Carcinoma staging (CS) III (40%), while CS I (3%) were the least encountered. Triple positives were 15% and triple negatives were also 15%. HER2 positives were 30%. 22% had an unknown status. Discussion: ER, PR, and HER2 receptor determination is vital to standard and state of art breast cancer management. There are issues of availability and quality control, particularly in the developing World. The interaction between the three is another arena which needs further exploration.

Keywords: ER, PR, HER2/neu, AOI, Sabratha, Breast cancer, IHC, FISH.