Transferrin (TF) polymorphism in Libyans.

Original article


Sebetan IM.

Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Hamad General Hospital, Doha, Qatar.

Int J Legal Med. 1993;106(1):51-2.


The genetic polymorphism of transferrin (TF) was investigated in 110 unrelated Libyans, using ultrathin layer polyacrylamide gel isoelectric focusing followed by staining with Coomassie brilliant blue R250. Five common and one rare phenotypes were observed. The estimated allele frequencies were as follow: TF*C1 = 0.7455, TF*C2 = 0.2091, TF*C3 = 0.0409 and TF*D = 0.0045. The theoretical exclusion rate in cases of disputed paternity is 19.2%.

Keywords: Transferrin (TF) polymorphism in Libyans.