Transient paraplegia as a presenting feature of aortic dissection in a young man.

Case report


Syed MA 1, Fiad TM 2.

1-Department of Accident and Emergency, Russells Hall Hospital, West Midlands, UK. 2-Department of Medicine, Russells Hall Hospital, West Midlands

Emerg Med J. 2002 Mar;19(2):174-5.


This report describes a case of aortic dissection in a 32 year old man who presented with mild central chest pain and transient paraplegia. Complete recovery of paraplegia in aortic dissection has previously been reported but this is the first case report in which full resolution of the paraplegia occurred within half an hour of presentation. The case emphasises the importance of careful history taking and eliciting subtle clinical signs, which helped in arriving at the correct diagnosis in this unusual presentation.

Keywords: dissection; aorta; paraplegia