Treatment of earlobe keloids using the cobalt 60 teletherapy unit.

Original article


Malaker K, Zaidi M, Franka MR.

Department of Radiotherapy & Clinical Oncology, Tripoli Medical Centre, Tripoli, Libya.

Ann Plast Surg. 2004 Jun;52(6):602-4.


The purpose of this study was to develop an easily accessible technique for the delivery of postoperative radiotherapy for the treatment of earlobe keloids. Forty-seven earlobe keloids were given postoperative radiation using the smallest achievable half field Telecobalt technique. Results showed 41 (87.2%) of treated patients’ postoperative scars remained free from recurrent keloid formation. Acute reactions were minimal and patient compliance was excellent. In conclusion, the technique described in this study for the delivery of postoperative radiation to earlobe keloids should be readily available in areas of high prevalence. Results are comparable to previously used radiotherapy techniques.

Keywords: keloids,Cobalt Radioisotopes