Uses of Mesh and Pelvicol in Gynaecological Operations



Mustafa Bulugma

Department of Obestetric and gynaecology, Zawia teaching Hospital.

JMJ Vol.5 No. 1 (Spring) 2006: 14-16


The Mesh is a synthetic biocompatible material widely used in the last 3 decades. in the last few years, the diagnosis and therapy of Genital prolapses and Stress urinary incontinence is completely changed with a big revolution in the materials, way and technique of operations. High risk rate of recurrence of old operations techniques, make it necessary to look for new operation methods and materials, uses of Mesh and Pelvicol are some of these techniques. The strips reduce the operation time, simplify the procedure and leads to less recurrence rate. It is very helpful especially when the autologous tissue is not obtainable or of poor quality.

Keywords: Mesh, Pelvicol, Gore-tex, Marlex, Mersilene, Prolene, Genital Prolapse, Sacrocolpopexy, Stress urinary incontinence (SUI), Extra-uretral ligament (EUL), Pubo-urethral ligament (PUL), Tension-free vaginal tape ( TVT ), Transfers Rectus Abdominal Muscle ( TRAM ) , Intra-vaginal Sling ( IVS )