Vaginal birth after previous one caesarean section

Original article


M. O. Busarira

JMJ Vol.3 No.1 (March) 2004: 42-43


During one-year period 205 patients with previous one caesarean section were given trials of vaginal births. 159(77.5%) delivered vaginally, 61 of them after augmentation of labour with oxytocin. The remaining46 delivered by caesarean section and the most common indications were foetal distress and no progress. Two patients with scar dehiscense after augmentation of labour with oxytocin were reported. All the infants were doing well during the neonatal period. The spontaneous vaginal delivery following previous one caesarean section was safe hut still need more concern if oxytocin used for augmentation of labour.

Keywords: Vaginal birth, previous caesarean