Volvulus of the Stomach: Clinical Presentation and Surgical Management

Case report


Sheikh Shaffudin, Mirja Fayaz, A.S. Choudhary, K.N. Bhargava

Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Benghazi, S.P.L.A.J.

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol. 9, No.2. January 1986: 95-97


A patient presenting with recurrent episodes of severe colicky pain in the epigastrum and vomiting which was relieved by pressing in the epigastrium and bending forward over the abdomen, was confirmed to be suffering from recurrent volvulus of the stomach by demonstrating the typical cup and spill deformity on the barium contrast upper gastrointestinal series. The predisposing factors in the production of the volvulus as reported by many authors were considered in deciding the cause in the present case. The various corrective procedures adopted in the treatment of this condition have been discussed. The most appropriate procedure felt suitable for the present case was a posterior gastro-jejunopexy with an additional anterior gastropexy to prevent the recurrence of volvulus of the stomach.

Keywords: Volvulus of the Stomach